Sunday, October 19, 2008

flash games and paper toys

i really enjoy playing flash games, they are simple and fun. i am not speaking of the punch mccain or obama and win an ipod type games, but the small simple games like RAFT WARS.
I hope i learn how to make something similar in my flash class.
tonight laura and i went to our friends' house in SF, and we had a lot of fun playing jeopardy on the PS2. i made two true daily doubles and would have doubled up on final jeopardy too, if my team wasn't scared. anyways while i was there kristin had a paper toy blog on her laptop and i am now inspired. to be fair i had already been playing with the idea of making a paper pumpkin postcard to send to my friends for holloween. i think i will try to do that!

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Daniel said...

Raft wars is fun, 'cept your shots are never the same. That's entirely too frustrating.