Saturday, October 18, 2008

will wheaton seems cool...

which surprised me because i always hated him as wesly crusher.
i recently found that will wheaton has a blog and i find it fascinating, YOU BE THE JUDGE
appearently he lives in the LA area and does voice acting, and he knows a bunch of hollywood types since he has been around a long time.
he also plays alot of role playing games, which is sweet, i really miss DnD. there is nothing like rolling dice and killing monsters.
i think i will continue reading will wheaton's blog.
i sent in my submition to the xeric foundation recently, on their site they state that an application only need be postmarked by the due date, not delivered. since i am a dummy, i decided to send it second rate and it arrived a week later but it was postmarked a day later than needed. they should send a recived on time card soon, hopefully by monday or i will plead my case. that would be fantastic if i got a xeric! but if i dont i will post the comic on this blog.
yesterday i thought of a short story to comicize! more to come on that.
i will see you later.

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