Sunday, June 07, 2009

post #149- bean box mash up

hello, well here is my bean box drawing, an idea drawn by a couple of friends in order to show their own individual take on it, and to draw an idea that would not be likely drawn or thought of without suggestion, Tony, Agnes and myself came up with the image of a WWI era pilot(s) running scared in a war torn, bombed out city. tony's is here and agnes' will be here.
i decided to do mine in a more traditional fashion, without aid of a computer, just pencil on paper, this is for two reasons, the first is i wanted a large drawing and my scanner is not, and the second is that i have been depending on computers too much lately, and should focus on pencils, my first love.
i also made bread.
post script: i apoligize for the quality of the photos, but i stink at photography, the blurring has omitted the haze and smoke in the background.

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Ag said...

ZOMBIES! Me gusta.

Hey, did you ever post up your Xeric Grant submission?