Saturday, November 07, 2009

post #177- a milestone

so does a milestone mark a mile on a journey, like hey you just go down the road 8 milestones then you'll be there, anyways, i digress
so a minor milestone has happened here in ndvr, burnbeetle is done, written, drawn, inked, lettered, and ready to print, which probably won't happen for awhile, unless i rob a bank, and yes this is one long run on sentence, it took longer than it should have but, i had to learn a bunch of new tricks, nick and i are on our way to comic obscurity, i like to think of this little crummy comic, like the first ant you see, the scout ant, the vanguard, the one which signals the upcoming future, an army of crummy comics, so, next up, NEUTRO-KNIGHTS #1, "BEWARE BLACK RANDY"


nicholas said...

i like the splash page its cool,but i think there is a error,in where it says found his niche in unique profession,instaed of found his niche in an/a unique profession? though iu vcould be wrong

Anonymous said...

I think Nicholas is right... Proofreaders abound in the circles you travel. Make use of them. <3