Sunday, November 15, 2009

post #182- eh. bad drawing day

so here is a goofy ad for the neutro knights, its too slick in effects and color quality for my liking but i thought it might be good for practice, i will post a better version of the actual drawing at a later date. anyways, today sucked for drawing, hence the title of the post i was also told that i misnumbered the last post, which is true but might work out somehow. this creature WILL eventually be featured in a neutro-knight story but it most likely will be far down the road, unless somehow i get some inking help or something. man, i use something and somehow alot.

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Anonymous said...

The Neutro-Knights face off against the bastard spawn of Cthulhu and Swamp Thing! Smell his mighty pit hair with the new scratch and sniff feature!