Thursday, December 31, 2009

two hundred and none "ink on paper"

so, as i showered today, it being the end of the year and all, i thought showering was appropriate, anyways, i was thinking about having an audience and how that meant a certain degree of responsibility, to not let them down, and yes i realize this is one long run on sentence, and i began to think about the burn beetle comic which is just waiting to be printed now, the funds will be found eventually, and how simple a comic is, it is just paper and ink, or ink on paper to use my title of this post, a simple device, stapled for prosperity, and no matter how immature or amateurish it is, it still is a comic, and what that means, how it joins the legacy of comics, comics i have read and loved, heroes i have worshiped and grand adventures i have joined them on, and all it takes is ink on paper and two staples, what a grand idea!
so back to the audience, i realize we have only a few readers or people interested in NDVR at this point, and we would like to thank you for this, we will deliver this fabled comic as soon as we can, and you lucky fans will be the first to get it! nick and myself are very grateful for the continued support for this lifelong journey into comic obscurity, especially for those of you who have been involved since the early incarnations of this delusion. we feel like we are better prepared and have a greater understanding of what needs to be done. we also feel like we have something here, something worth doing or stories worth telling.
this blog, so this blog is suppose to be more of a artistic blog for myself, just to show the few of you who care, what i am up to artistically, but for awhile now it is the temporary home for all things NDVR, which is kinda like splitting hairs, since they are rather intertwined, since i try to focus most artistic energies on my comix, so, this sometime this new year a new NDVR blog will arrive with strictly NDVR material, and more of it, we hope to have character biographies, since not everyone has the privilege to know and love the characters that have been with us for so many years, this will most likely coincide with the printing of burn beetle, and will have all the necessary information on it, how to obtain and enjoy all future NDVR comix.
and this blog will have more of the same, great art at a great price!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

one hundred and ninety nine- "one to go."

well, i am unsure if i have posted this image before, but i like it so tough.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

198- "multicolored gwell"

here is a photoshop color variation gone awry.
this is when i was playing with the different possible color schemes, that probably goes without saying, but i said it anyway....which obviously goes without saying also.
the actual drawing is kinda old, and her body is too elongated, but i have since gotten it in control. its funny that a drawing, less than a year old could seem so outdated. i guess thats just how the whole drawing thing goes.
in the image above i like the brown, black and light green/teal outfit.
in the image below i like the one top row center, above the white and red one.
hey in the below image, all the gwells are slightly transparent except the real one, try to find her, its not the one you think!

okay this is it gone completely out of control.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

197- "specialization breeds weakness"

starjourne fights off an alien pod creature.
i saw a interview with stan the man lee earlier today, it was really neat to hear him talk comics. i love talking comics, but its weird that i enjoy just talking about them and i am so out of the loop of comics nowadays. i love making comics, as rarely as i do it, but i love it. i need to get into this loop. like i didnt know that punisher died and came back like a frankenstein monster until recently. which i admire the gaul of the comic creators to go so far for the whole frankencastle pun.

thats why i love comics.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

196- "tigertail" pt.2

so here is another version of the tiger tail drawing. i think i like this one more, in the first one i wanted all the line work to match its color, so the line work on the clouds would be slightly darker white than the body color, anyways, this one seems more visually appealing.
makes me think i need to expand my artist range.
probably should, couldn't hurt.

Monday, December 21, 2009

195- "tigertail"

hey there, so here is the former tag-team champs now in their day job uniforms, holding on the proverbial tiger tail, at 20,000 feet, this thinly veiled metaphor is kinda how i feel right now, that we(ndvr) seem to be on to something and if we can just get it under control, it will be remarkable.
it's late.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

one nine three - "black beetle"

this is a crummy painting i made of the black beetle, emphasis on the crummy. i like the fact i cannot paint, i really enjoy the process of learning to paint. i want to really learn to paint in the abstract, kinda like the background behind our bow-stringed hero. the crummy rendition of the human form presented is actually quite pleasing to me.
crummy form.
painting is alot different than drawing, and in that difference lies the fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

1ninetwo - "confidence and clay" part.3

okay, we all want to experience the feeling of mastering our art, the freedom of true expression. anyways, i once saw an interview with bruce lee, in which he said that the true aim of martial arts was to allow one to freely express oneself. or so i believe, it was like ten years ago. so, i was told i was in the third stage, which i reluctantly agree with, so i am still a wizard, hahaha. on a side note, since that is mostly how i write anyways, i really like writing late at night, i make less sense. my mind's defenses are down and more nonsense seeps out. hence me calling myself a wizard.

Monday, December 14, 2009

one9one - "confidence and clay" pt.2

OK, so i didn't get to the whole confidence part last time, i am pretty sure confidence plays a crucial role in the art process, which to most artists out there seems quite self evident, but it is the component that vexes me most often. i am easily motivated and inspired, but the confidence to dare is always fleeting and capricious. i was and sometimes am very shy or introverted, which may seem to be untrue to those of you i have met later in life, but i used to be really deathly shy. this reluctance to share has somehow undermined my own confidence and this is how i get on a roller coaster of art making and loathing said art. so, i am aware of this, which means that i am getting better at addressing the problem. i don't know if it is a common problem artists share, but i am almost positive its a problem most people share, the doubt they are any good at what they do, or more importantly want to do. my great friend Edwin told me of this idea about learning to make art, or the art experience if you will. he heard it in regards to music making, but i regard everything as art. i once heard this expression that everything is art except sex and eating, which i believe and no longer exceptions. (i.e porn and competitive eating.) anyways, so he heard the art process, the learning to make art that is, is divided into 4 stages, first one is kinda like the exploration stage. this is when you don't really know what you are doing but have fun not knowing. he phrased it better and explained it better too. the second stage is what i will call the student stage, since i don't remember what it was called, this is where you know what you need to know but don't know how to do it, not fun, but hopeful. the next stage is which i will call the wizard stage, for no good reason, is where you know what you want to do and now know how to do it, but you can't. not fun, quite frustrating. the last stage is the master stage, where you know what you want to do and do it without thought. kinda like it becomes second nature or instinctual. this is kinda back to the ignorant bliss you had as an explorer. and we all want to be explorers.
(to be continued.)

post script: this is the pug statue i made.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

post one ninety "confidence and clay"

so, instead of posting a drawing i did, i am posting another figure i made. i have really been off the drawing rails recently, and cant seem to get back on track. i have not felt like drawing for like the last week and a half, and when i do draw, its like only for an hour, tops. when it should be at least three hours, or bare minimum two. so i have made three figures, the fighting barrel one above, a pug dog one for laura's friend, and robot pete which has yet to be baked or painted. i think i might be so hesitant because the next comic seems like a daunting task, with a bunch of characters, locations, and is probably four times longer than burn beetle.
which is STILL in editing, which i guess isnt too big a deal since we dont have funds to print it yet.
anyways thanks for listening, or reading, and i will post soon.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

post #189- yellow odds

so, the other day i was walking back from dropping my nephew off at preschool, and every time i do he picks up a rock and tells me to keep it and add it to his rock collection, so i put it in my pocket and throw it on the driveway when i get home. usually as i walk to the car i toss the rock up in the air and catch it while i think, so i am tossing the rock up and catching without really paying attention to it and for some reason i start watching it. as soon as i start watching the rock fall into the same spot in the palm of my hand and then be tossed back upwards, something happens. as the rock is flying on its two foot journey, a small gnat lands in that exact same spot in my palm. before i can really and truly understand this, the rock falls back home, and again without thinking i toss the rock back on its route. the gnat still remains after a direct hit by the rock, but seems stunned. with little worse for wear, the gnat then crookedly flys off and the rock lands again, only to return to the air automatically.
this all happened in what seemed to be an extended five seconds, and it all happened with myself just being an observer. it never really occurred to me that i was engine of motion in the rock, i was there but to observe.
so this made me think, how remarkable the odds were that a gnat would land in that same exact spot at the most opportune time, and i had witnessed it. i had been tossing that rock at least twenty times but did not pay attention but for that same window of time. as i ponder this, i walked blindly into a span of yellow.
this stark drastic change of hue quickly brought me out of my pondering, here i was in yellow.
i had unknowingly walked under to bright yellow leaved trees who had carpeted the floor with their color. it was quite beautiful.
it was a wonderful sequence of moments.