Sunday, December 20, 2009


so, first off and most importantly, i cut my fingertip somehow, in the perfect shape of the number seven. so, if i die or have any strange fate befall me, please take note.
okay, so i have been busy with the holidays and all so i have not been busy at work on ndvr... well maybe, or i have just been lazy, but no more! i am back on it on now.

i sent out the first ndvr button the other day, to our first and most loyal fan, NICASIO!
congratulations to him, and by doing so he unwittingly signed himself up for something more...
he got the elusive button with a cool drawing of a spiderman drinking coffee and a painting of a rooster!

so send for one now before time runs out!!

1 comment:

Nicasio Nakamine said...

Both are so awesome! I was so excited to receive these bonuses. The only drawback is the button-holder is so neat that I'm reluctant to remove the button.