Wednesday, December 23, 2009

197- "specialization breeds weakness"

starjourne fights off an alien pod creature.
i saw a interview with stan the man lee earlier today, it was really neat to hear him talk comics. i love talking comics, but its weird that i enjoy just talking about them and i am so out of the loop of comics nowadays. i love making comics, as rarely as i do it, but i love it. i need to get into this loop. like i didnt know that punisher died and came back like a frankenstein monster until recently. which i admire the gaul of the comic creators to go so far for the whole frankencastle pun.

thats why i love comics.


JustJohnny said...

Aw c'mon this Ssuckks!

Ohmygod ohmyGod! Philip!

I guess this'll help the Horror line.

The mouse has spoken!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it sucks, but that makes it good.