Thursday, December 24, 2009

198- "multicolored gwell"

here is a photoshop color variation gone awry.
this is when i was playing with the different possible color schemes, that probably goes without saying, but i said it anyway....which obviously goes without saying also.
the actual drawing is kinda old, and her body is too elongated, but i have since gotten it in control. its funny that a drawing, less than a year old could seem so outdated. i guess thats just how the whole drawing thing goes.
in the image above i like the brown, black and light green/teal outfit.
in the image below i like the one top row center, above the white and red one.
hey in the below image, all the gwells are slightly transparent except the real one, try to find her, its not the one you think!

okay this is it gone completely out of control.

1 comment:

Ag said...

Really? I don't think her body's too long at all. I think it works. I like the purple version of her outfit. I think the color matches her costume the best.