Monday, December 14, 2009

one9one - "confidence and clay" pt.2

OK, so i didn't get to the whole confidence part last time, i am pretty sure confidence plays a crucial role in the art process, which to most artists out there seems quite self evident, but it is the component that vexes me most often. i am easily motivated and inspired, but the confidence to dare is always fleeting and capricious. i was and sometimes am very shy or introverted, which may seem to be untrue to those of you i have met later in life, but i used to be really deathly shy. this reluctance to share has somehow undermined my own confidence and this is how i get on a roller coaster of art making and loathing said art. so, i am aware of this, which means that i am getting better at addressing the problem. i don't know if it is a common problem artists share, but i am almost positive its a problem most people share, the doubt they are any good at what they do, or more importantly want to do. my great friend Edwin told me of this idea about learning to make art, or the art experience if you will. he heard it in regards to music making, but i regard everything as art. i once heard this expression that everything is art except sex and eating, which i believe and no longer exceptions. (i.e porn and competitive eating.) anyways, so he heard the art process, the learning to make art that is, is divided into 4 stages, first one is kinda like the exploration stage. this is when you don't really know what you are doing but have fun not knowing. he phrased it better and explained it better too. the second stage is what i will call the student stage, since i don't remember what it was called, this is where you know what you need to know but don't know how to do it, not fun, but hopeful. the next stage is which i will call the wizard stage, for no good reason, is where you know what you want to do and now know how to do it, but you can't. not fun, quite frustrating. the last stage is the master stage, where you know what you want to do and do it without thought. kinda like it becomes second nature or instinctual. this is kinda back to the ignorant bliss you had as an explorer. and we all want to be explorers.
(to be continued.)

post script: this is the pug statue i made.

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