Tuesday, December 08, 2009

post #189- yellow odds

so, the other day i was walking back from dropping my nephew off at preschool, and every time i do he picks up a rock and tells me to keep it and add it to his rock collection, so i put it in my pocket and throw it on the driveway when i get home. usually as i walk to the car i toss the rock up in the air and catch it while i think, so i am tossing the rock up and catching without really paying attention to it and for some reason i start watching it. as soon as i start watching the rock fall into the same spot in the palm of my hand and then be tossed back upwards, something happens. as the rock is flying on its two foot journey, a small gnat lands in that exact same spot in my palm. before i can really and truly understand this, the rock falls back home, and again without thinking i toss the rock back on its route. the gnat still remains after a direct hit by the rock, but seems stunned. with little worse for wear, the gnat then crookedly flys off and the rock lands again, only to return to the air automatically.
this all happened in what seemed to be an extended five seconds, and it all happened with myself just being an observer. it never really occurred to me that i was engine of motion in the rock, i was there but to observe.
so this made me think, how remarkable the odds were that a gnat would land in that same exact spot at the most opportune time, and i had witnessed it. i had been tossing that rock at least twenty times but did not pay attention but for that same window of time. as i ponder this, i walked blindly into a span of yellow.
this stark drastic change of hue quickly brought me out of my pondering, here i was in yellow.
i had unknowingly walked under to bright yellow leaved trees who had carpeted the floor with their color. it was quite beautiful.
it was a wonderful sequence of moments.

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