Sunday, December 13, 2009

post one ninety "confidence and clay"

so, instead of posting a drawing i did, i am posting another figure i made. i have really been off the drawing rails recently, and cant seem to get back on track. i have not felt like drawing for like the last week and a half, and when i do draw, its like only for an hour, tops. when it should be at least three hours, or bare minimum two. so i have made three figures, the fighting barrel one above, a pug dog one for laura's friend, and robot pete which has yet to be baked or painted. i think i might be so hesitant because the next comic seems like a daunting task, with a bunch of characters, locations, and is probably four times longer than burn beetle.
which is STILL in editing, which i guess isnt too big a deal since we dont have funds to print it yet.
anyways thanks for listening, or reading, and i will post soon.


Mr. Monkeytail said...

So does this mean your not going to use my versions of The Action "PEG" Gang?.... :-(

antireason said...

i will, i think these will be ornaments.