Thursday, December 31, 2009

two hundred and none "ink on paper"

so, as i showered today, it being the end of the year and all, i thought showering was appropriate, anyways, i was thinking about having an audience and how that meant a certain degree of responsibility, to not let them down, and yes i realize this is one long run on sentence, and i began to think about the burn beetle comic which is just waiting to be printed now, the funds will be found eventually, and how simple a comic is, it is just paper and ink, or ink on paper to use my title of this post, a simple device, stapled for prosperity, and no matter how immature or amateurish it is, it still is a comic, and what that means, how it joins the legacy of comics, comics i have read and loved, heroes i have worshiped and grand adventures i have joined them on, and all it takes is ink on paper and two staples, what a grand idea!
so back to the audience, i realize we have only a few readers or people interested in NDVR at this point, and we would like to thank you for this, we will deliver this fabled comic as soon as we can, and you lucky fans will be the first to get it! nick and myself are very grateful for the continued support for this lifelong journey into comic obscurity, especially for those of you who have been involved since the early incarnations of this delusion. we feel like we are better prepared and have a greater understanding of what needs to be done. we also feel like we have something here, something worth doing or stories worth telling.
this blog, so this blog is suppose to be more of a artistic blog for myself, just to show the few of you who care, what i am up to artistically, but for awhile now it is the temporary home for all things NDVR, which is kinda like splitting hairs, since they are rather intertwined, since i try to focus most artistic energies on my comix, so, this sometime this new year a new NDVR blog will arrive with strictly NDVR material, and more of it, we hope to have character biographies, since not everyone has the privilege to know and love the characters that have been with us for so many years, this will most likely coincide with the printing of burn beetle, and will have all the necessary information on it, how to obtain and enjoy all future NDVR comix.
and this blog will have more of the same, great art at a great price!

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