Tuesday, September 21, 2010

two hundred and eighty posts...and this is all you've come up with?!

sigh, another cover image.
this one is of the third issue of the short lived "'TOON GANG" comic, as you can see the artist is heavily influenced by one carl barks, but doesn't have the talent to pay proper homage.
one thing of note of this ill-fated series is the exclusion of captain neutron, who the producers thought was too "stiff" for the kids, and they are probably right. he was replaced by "tempo", a ballad singing slapstick horse. another thing of somewhat note is that although black beetle was part of the fun gang, he was almost never shown, out of the two dozen issues he has but a handful of stories. the most notable ones are "the beetle and the x-mas bot!", "hooray for the navy!", soon followed by "black beetle joins the navy."
i will try to find a good scan of black beetle in navy uniform.
and yes i know i am crazy.

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Pickle tail!!!