Thursday, June 02, 2011

new post- limitations.

This is BUGCLOPS!!!
I will post a colored version soon enough.
Limitations, tonight I face my two favorite limitations, time and ability. Time, is a sore point with me, I feel like wasted eight years watching TeeVee on a friend's couch. Sure I have a decent stored knowledge of trivial facts and the ability to take perverse pleasure in the inane, but I now doubt it was a fair trade. I regret not having the grit to stick with drawing my whole waking life. Being so long in the tooth as I see more time slip past, so encrusted in dust and din, still in a moving river. whoa, that was too poetic for my tastes.
Ability is a flux of frustration and amazement, I guess this is the ebb and flow I mentioned so long ago. Tonight I faced a wall as my skill with a pencil struggle to cross over into ink and brush, which I do love to use. Ink and brush give a wonderful joy that is way too nerdy to describe, magical. I have to just understand that I will have to slowing chip away at this limit and just grin and bare it until I can slip through a crack.

more to follow.

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