Friday, July 01, 2011

Crime Tips!

I drew this last night and colored it today, I am still unfinished with it. There is something missing from the overall asthetic of it. Some kind of old newsprint dinge to the color. I am usually disappointed with the color half tone, ben day dot look, it still doesn't match the actual charm of golden age printing. Maybe if I saw it actually printed on newsprint. Why is newspaper so fantastic, it must be the charm of it's low quality. It's fantastic to draw on too.

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Mr. Monkeytail said...

This one-page comic strip is AWESOME!
I really, really like it :-)
It doesnt have the usual golden age comic feel to it, but more of an 80's Joe Kubert feel to it.
I really like the use of color too (sepia).
Well done good sir!