Monday, June 18, 2012

471- Inspiration

I recently went to southern California to visit my friend Danny, and got really inspired to make more art. He has a room set aside for music, which I think is really fantastic. I thought about how I want a little room for my art. But then I realized that I already have a studio space and that I should use it more. So, its been a great summer so far, and I think that this will be the summer where I really start to utilize my studio. What this has to do with this "Minion" drawing I don't know. I just like how purple it is.

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Mr. Monkeytail said...

You should add "games" and submit this to Minion Games (they are on twitter too). There Logo is currently kinda simple, and maybe they'd be willing to buy it from you; or even if you gave it to them for free maybe they will keep you in mind for any future work they might need :-)