Tuesday, July 10, 2012

475- a little washing.

here is a small drawing I did on a train to SF recently, I was bored and wanted to try out these new wash pencils I have had for a long while. The idea being that you draw with them and then wet the marks into a wash. Not being a boyscout, all I had was a ball point pen to ink my pencils, not that it should be an excuse, because I have seen absolutely amazing ink drawings done with an ordinary office pen. With enough care and practice, and patience, an artist can make beautiful work with anything that makes a mark. Anyhoo, I had a crummy pen, and an empty water brush, that is a plastic brush pen with a refillable reservoir in the tube. So, to make a long pointless story short, I used my fizzy water and my mouth to fill my brush and play with the washes on this.
So this scan/post totally kill the subtleties of the wash.

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ArtLand MoonSide District 12a said...

G wahaa! Like it-Ever tried the Zebra pen F-301s?