Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello All

Okay, when I see art online, sometimes it gets me down. But it shouldn't, art should inspire you as an artist. It should help you find out certain ascetics that please you, and help you make those artistic choices. Like that old bastardized art adage "young artists borrow, old artists steal." or something like that, but if you see some element you like try it out. This is within reason, dont make a career out of ape-ing some other artist. It's okay to follow an old master's lead or be influenced by another's style but not to be creatively stunted. Anyhoo, I recently did some art for my friend's albums, I am pretty happy on how they came out.
In this first one, I am stoked on the colors and how the clouds came out. which I borrowed from some cartoon I saw awhile ago, unfortunately I dont remember which one. the second one came out okay too, I was going for an ol' timey rubberhouse look, which I hope is fairly obvious.

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