Saturday, May 23, 2009

post #144

"I AM HERE BUT TO OBSERVE!!!" OR "This is not an autobiographical comic."

this is a comic i did.
the idea was to do a comic as quickly as possible before i realized it was crummy...and to keep the motivation alive that inspired it in the first place. i saw this drawing by Agnes lee, and was instantly inspired to do it. i hope the quality of the comic does not reflect badly on her great drawing.


T said...

I'm glad you finally did that story about a space explorer who crashes on earth, meets an owl who leads him to a barn where he is kick by a horse and then has to hypnotize the horse. Reminds me of your first semester at Berkeley.

Ag said...

I like it! It's very cute. How long did this take you?

carson said...

fantastic minimalist compositions!! the rest of it sucks though, cause gil drew it.

Anonymous said...

thumbs up, that means "I like it!"