Comix I have made

  Here is a list of comix I made, and you may have or may not have read. cool.

                                 A comic about one last great adventure.

                                                       "The Tax."
A mini about Art and Depression, hopefully not as much of a downer as it sounds. 

                                               "JUST PERFORM IT."
                A mini 10 pager about getting active and doing something, for better or worse. 

                                                     "Future Town"
12-pager about... I don't really know what its about. Maybe the future... well it has a town.

                                                 "Work." or "Sunday"
a very short four pager about dreading your job.

                                                  "The Last Library"
another short comic about the struggle of literacy in a dystopian wasteland. 

                                           "THE X-MEN ARE ASSHOLES"
Young Jubilee gets her innocent heart broken and goes to her teammates for solace. But they were never trained for such things, the danger room doesn't have a setting for Compassion.

W/ Dr. Josh Barone

W/ Dr. Josh Barone

W/ Nick Physics

Well, that's all.
What do you want? It's free.

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