Friday, June 11, 2010

249- "in the ebb."

so as an artist, i do dare call myself one these days. simply because i have no choice in the matter, but i digress. so as an artist i tend to fall into doubt quite often, doubt in skills and in life in general. today was one such time, as you can probably tell by my not-so subtle "drawing". i quote drawing as i for some reason have a hang up about drawing on a computer. for me it always seems to turn out more painterly than it feels like organic drawing. it does please me but is not as gratifying as pencil-in-the-hand drawing. but who am i anyway to judge that.
drawing has always been my true escape, no matter what i am waiting for or how i am feeling drawing is there. wait, thats not exactly true, sometimes drawing abandons me, it leaves me with no spirit to drive the lead. frozen on pristine blank paper with magnified texture awaiting my flash of inspiration, there i sit waiting and it never arrives. drawing is fantastic! like anything it ebbs and flows.
back to that.
so i am in an ebb, a downslide, a doldrum, a funk. they usually last a couple of days but i think this one is already washing away.
mercifully short, knock on wood.
i started typing this post with the intention of expounding upon my state of despondence, but my shallow mind has let it drift away into the ether.
so, this was all for not.
unless, the combination of electronic drawing and typing aimlessly on a blog has had some cathartic effect.