Wednesday, December 07, 2011

economy in line

this is my representation of fall.

Hi, as of late i have really begun to think about economy of line in my art. i have spent a lot of time in my life chasing the idea of realism as a goal for my art, and i think this is a common goal for artists. i have spent a significant amount of effort and time following this path, and as of now i think its a trap. with realism a loss of interpretation, or empathy occurs. i like to equate this with the simple drawing of charlie brown. if he was illustrated to be a realistic human image, he would be rather disturbing. but as a simple completely humanistic line drawing we the viewer begin to empathize with the crummy lines. its in those imperfect lines that we see the human hand that made them, the emotion of time or experience. in our constant attempt to identify ourselves in everything around us, more simple symbols become easier to assimilate. the majority of us have two eyes and a mouth and with this shared commonality we connect. in the book understanding comics, the author talks about the way most humans see an electrical outlet and instantly try to create a human face out of it, with the two upper prong holes as eyes and the lower as a mouth. the same can be said for the "face" of cars. as we head more into the realistic rendering or representation in art we become more and more specific to the chosen subject and remove the possibilities of alterity.

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