Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall- Post con ebb


I recently just did a convention.
A quite unsuccessful convention for us. I say "Us" because I shared the booth with several others, although this endeavor was my idea. And being my idea, my unsuccessful idea, I feel I should take the blame for wasting their time. It's a real bummer, the friends involved are talented, and to see this talent ignored or under appreciated is crummy. real crummy.
Sorry for the language.
But it was a good wake up call. How I feel now, it's been two weeks since the con, is that my comix are just not the right kind of comix for today's crowd. I missed the picnic, I am out of time. Which is fine, I don't always dig everything. So turnabout is fair. It's cool, I will just focus my effort elsewhere.
Lately, I have been just focusing on my illustrative ability, taking up figure drawing again. Slowly the desire to make comix is regenerating, but it will be awhile. I might just continue to post them free online for those interested.
I have turned primarily to writing, and maybe creating animated cartoons. This is all a new field for me, and I am excited to learn about it.
Of course I will continue to draw.
I could never stop.