Thursday, January 31, 2013

Post 504- still functioning

Hi, I have not posted for like a month and it seems like forever and in regards to the internet it is. I have been really busy lately with no clear focus in mind. I finished another segment of an animation I started a couple months back and have not had the time to scan it and put it into a loop. I have been doing a lot of what is usually called graphic design work, which is not my favorite thing to do, but must be done some times. I am working on a new mini comic, a more personal one about the rants and raves in my head...should be interesting. I am also collaborating with the good Dr. Josh Barone again, on a new desert island gag comic, should be great stuff. I am also trying to finish up on a boardgame with my good buddy O, which is a great game and just needs some polishing up. so many projects in the air, need to start knocking them down.

Here is a star trek comic i did for a trek cartoon site, enjoy! if you can!!