Monday, November 09, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall- Post con ebb


I recently just did a convention.
A quite unsuccessful convention for us. I say "Us" because I shared the booth with several others, although this endeavor was my idea. And being my idea, my unsuccessful idea, I feel I should take the blame for wasting their time. It's a real bummer, the friends involved are talented, and to see this talent ignored or under appreciated is crummy. real crummy.
Sorry for the language.
But it was a good wake up call. How I feel now, it's been two weeks since the con, is that my comix are just not the right kind of comix for today's crowd. I missed the picnic, I am out of time. Which is fine, I don't always dig everything. So turnabout is fair. It's cool, I will just focus my effort elsewhere.
Lately, I have been just focusing on my illustrative ability, taking up figure drawing again. Slowly the desire to make comix is regenerating, but it will be awhile. I might just continue to post them free online for those interested.
I have turned primarily to writing, and maybe creating animated cartoons. This is all a new field for me, and I am excited to learn about it.
Of course I will continue to draw.
I could never stop.


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Hi. its a hot summer

It has been a hot summer.
I have been busy drawing everyday, doing some flyers, some graphic design, and comix as usual. I have posted over 500 times on here, but it seems like the blog is kind of a declining medium as more instant media is more popular. "the feed" is constant, overwhelming and has no memory. So I thought that I could use this site as more of a long form, self conversation. Informing the few fans I have stolen of what I am up to.
   And speaking of Instant media:
     MY TUMBLR         TWITTER              INSTAGRAM
 They all pretty much have the same thing on them, my twitter usually have more non-comic or directly centered art comments. usually me being a downer. My instagram is usually pictures of my sketches and an occasional animal photo. More nonsense.
Okay, now that is out of the way.
what have i been doing for the last few months? I plan to post here waaaay more often.

 Lots of monsters and mutants, just the usual fun stuff. My sketchbook is getting full which is always a good sign. I try to play as much as i can with colors. I am speaking about actual drawings and actual colors in real life, not digital. I think my digital colors are fine, but not as fun. the Bat-Ape skateboarding was digitally colored, and i think it looks great. But it is less exciting to do. 

 this gruesome fellow above was done completely digitally, I am interested in digital art. Although it seems like lately i dont have the time/patience to get over the learning curve. that and the fact that i am terrible at computers and still use my 10 year old computer for all my digital needs. soon, soon i will make that leap. 

  I have been drawing a lot recently, everyday drawing. And thats the key to drawing, or anything really. You just to have to keep at it. Obsession leads to perfection, but I would not recommend that. I dont follow that, and I am certainly not perfect. I dont think art should be, but thats another tangent.

 Okay. So this OCTOBER 3RD AND 4TH I WILL BE AT A.P.E.! 

This is special to me, because my first convention I ever tabled at was APE, and this year APE is returning to that first venue, and my new hometown of SAN JOSE, CA! so this should be a blast.
I have a good group of artists around me and i am stoked. hope to see you there.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I made this comic about the 90's x-men cartoon version of Jubilee. She gets her teenage heart broken and looks to her teammates for solace.
they don't help...


Friday, March 06, 2015


Hi internet-er,
this is my art blog, for my comix go here.
I am going to add more comix soon, I have them ready.
and I am working on more!

Monday, January 05, 2015