Monday, June 06, 2011

a bit of fun.

So I bought this book on cartooning, it is pretty great so far, it has a bunch of drawing exercises to do. This one was to draw five to ten second doodles of famous cartoon characters from memory. Leaving just a essence of the character in the gesture, anyways, here are my favorite ones.

I think these might be pretty much in order of creation, with the last four being slightly mixed up, but you can definitely see a style forming.
My favorites of this bunch is Snoopy, because of his weird shape and emotion, and Micky Mouse, for the same reason. They both look very old school cartoony, simple bodied with little attention to limbs.
anyways, enjoy!


Mr. Monkeytail said...
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Mr. Monkeytail said...

I like your sketch of snoopy.
Your sketch of Bullwinkle looks a lot like Lumpy from Happy Tree Friends.